Why not barcodes?

Unlike barcodes, RFID tags are don’t require a reader that’s in the same line of sight. Not only does this eliminate the need for someone to manually scan each box, but it also means that an item can be scanned and catalogued even when it’s hidden behind other goods.

  • Accuracy

    Because RFID tags transmit data “on their own,” human error is largely eliminated from the inventory process.

  • Immediacy

    Warehouse management software is updated in real time, which means we know where an item is from the time it arrives on the dock, leaves the warehouse and every moment in between.

  • Efficiency

    RFID technology boosts efficiency in two ways: by automating processes that used to involve human intervention and streamlining those that still do. For instance, RFID-tagged items can communicate with warehouse software and automatically document their own arrival and exit from the warehouse. And for services that require human touch, such as pick-and-pack, employees save countless hours using RFID readers to immediately determine the exact location of any item.