(E-Solutions Consultancy Services Pte Ltd)

We are a Singapore based integrated RFID solutions system integrator.

We specialize in providing RFID Passive and Active RFID solutions for Inventory Management, Asset Management, Real-Time Location Tracking as well as Identity and Security. To help clients to benefit from the RFID solution on reduced operating cost, increased productivity and higher efficiency at their workspaces.

Our company provides one stop innovative and integrated RFID asset
management solutions, using the “SAFE” method.

SAFE” stands for:

  • S = Smart – Innovative way

(A smart solution that can be adapted to suit your business need)

  • A = Accurate – Precision

(With accuracy, planning and execution for business
development will be well implemented)

  • F = Fast – Efficiently

(Speed is of the essence, to keep up with the ever a highly
competitive business environment)

  • E = Easy – Friendly

(No fuss and easy transition from existing job flow to an
automated and well managed environment)

Here is a possible list of most common asset area for tagging:

* Human Resources (e.g. manpower)

* Stocks (e.g. products, equipments and documents)

* Fleets (e.g. shipping, airfreight, courier)

* Security (e.g. restricted zone, contraband items)

* Real Time Live Location Tracking (e.g. employee attendance, movement, inventory stock level)

Our services and solutions we provide include:

* Fleet management

* Asset management

* Inventory management

* Storage & Retrieval information management

* Real time location tracking

* Security Solutions